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Picture Gallery   - Feel free to send us any pictures you take of Liverpool Socialist Singers. Say if you want a credit and we will put your name on it
Send pic or link to:  tups@liverpoolsocialistsingers.net    
(If we have put your photo up already and you want a credit let me know)

Preston New Rd, Anti-Fracking Aug 2018
Echo Arena UNI Global International June 2018
In Defence of the Women's Hospital  March 2018
Justice for Palestine   Nov 2017

Tory Conference Manchester October 2017
Photo: Luke Stephenson

Austerity Fight Premiere, Odeon Crosby 2017

Photo: Elizabeth Hayden

Liverpool MayDay 2017

NHS March 2017

Anti-Fracking Lancashire Feb 2017

Protest against the STP Dec 2016

Momentum Rally, Black-E and march for Corbyn Liverpool Sept 2016


Photo: Phil Maxwell
Jeremy Corbyn Rally, Liverpool August 2016

Photo:Paul McGowan

                                                                                             Photo: Phil Maxwell

Momentum rally to support Corbyn July 2016

Photo:Phil Maxwell

May Day Chester 2016

Closing our account at the Co-op (see videos)

Robert Tressells Grave 2016

Junior Doctors strike April 2016 The Womens Hospital

Junior Doctors Strike,  January 2016  (Pic Danny Ryder)

Joe Hill Aint Dead with Liverpool LGBT Choir- Lantern Theatre Nov 2015

No to Austerity March, Tory Party Conference 2015

Stop the 'White Man March' Liverpool Aug 2015 
Image result for liverpool socialist singers anti-nazi liverpool 2015 .

Jeremy Corbyn Rally, Adelphi Hotel Aug 2015

Pic Tom Belger

Pic Peter F

Save Our Libraries Knowsley Feb 2015

Breakfast for Palestine 2014

Gaza Demo August 2014 Photo Mark Francis

July 10 2014 Public Sector Strike Rally (Photo  David Drury)

CND event July 2014 at the CASA

Central Library with Villvin Socialist Choir from Norway

Lime St  Light Night

Protest against Liverpool Labour Council's cuts

                                       Photo Mark Edwardson

Manchester TUC  demo against ConDem privatisation of the NHS Sept 2013
( Mass choir) Photo: Cynthia Cockburn

Wigan Diggers Festival (photo John Duckworth) Sept 2013

to the ATOS Healing Centre  (photo Guardian) Aug 2013

ln  .
Light Night 2013 LCVS. Photo Clare Beavan

Protesting PFI

May Day 2013

The Witch is Dead party, St Georges Hall April 2013         photo John Usher

Bedroom Tax Protest March 2013

International  Womens Day 2013

Reception committee for Cameron at the Museum  Jan 2013

Protesting Starbucks Dec 2012

Royal Liverpool  Hospital Protest  Dec 2012

hns nsh
Pictures John Usher

Picketing the Batsheva performance at the  Lowry  Oct 2012

bat bats

Anti-Austerity March London October 2012

oct3  oct5
oct1 oct2

Arrowe  Park Hospital protest Sept 2012

  bold12                                                                                Bold St Festival  Sept  2012                   
Anti-Fascist/Anti- Racist James Larkin  Commemoration March and Rally Liverpool  July 2012
antfa lar
                                                                                                      This picture Dave Colbran

Bury Street Choirs Festival July 2012

ln   Light Night 2012 FACT   cc.
Climate Camp May 2012.


Solidarity singing - MMP Locked Out workers April 2012


The Save Our Libraries Tour - Great Homer Street Library with Alan Gibbons-writer

Lodge Lane

Protest against council cuts March 2012

Nov 30th Pensions Strike and Rally 2011    

nn3  nnt                                                             Photo's Andrew Holt ( http://500px.com/photo/3530676 )                                                                                                                      
big    fis
Alan Carr http://darkhorseliverpool.blogspot.com/
vin    pnp
                                           Photos Alan Carr http://darkhorseliverpool.blogspot.com/

303    jn

rp   bb

n302  nnarrow

Raise Your Banners! Festival

Anti -Lansley Royal College of GP's Conference 2011

bs   LP
 Bold St Festival 2011                                                           Labour Party Conference 'Which Side Are you On?'

Bloody Sunday1911  Commemoration- August 2011
1911        19111

Liverpool Strike Rally against Pension Cuts June 2011
pd3      pd2

pd1           pd

Strike picket line against academy status application-Shorefields School, Liverpool June 2011
sh sh2

March for the Alternative London  2011 Trafalgar Square
mfta2               mfta4

Mfta   mfta2

International Womens Day. March 2011

iwd1      iw2

Cuts Demo Feb 2011- Anglican Cathedral


'Bed In' at the Bluecoat   October  2010

bedin1   bedin  

Vale Park Festival August 2010

vp       VP    vale

Demo against BBC coverage of Israeli Attacks on Flotilla for Palestine June 2010

bbc      bbc2


Singing Outside Johnny Rotten Concert to protest his tour to Israel  July 2010

rot   jr

Asylum Benefit 2010

ab   ab2

Boycott Israel    elv
Singing to Support Elvis Costello for Boycotting Israel June 2010

Boycott Israel Tesco Demo June 2010

boyc   boyc

May Day 2010

md1          md2

md3             md4

march             ban